Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I’m sharing this message because of the value I feel it contains.

When we want it all NOW~5th Dimensional Consciousness

from L’Au’Ra Pleiadian


So you are in the Present Moment. Things are flowing, you accept everything that arises. You love and honour yourself. Then there are those moments, when suddenly your mind turns to what you want. And you want it All Now. Yet this Now (of your wants) of the external world, appears to be lacking, that which you want.

You will experience the LIFE of your DREAMS.

Then why, you might ask, do you want what you do not have.

Your Soul will UNFOLD your Destiny, in the moments, that you ARE Ready to receive it. And this is through the consciousness of UNION, not through the consciousness of LACK, wanting something that is not present.

A continuous refinement of your Energy is taking place, that is, your Consciousness. And this refinement, is changing the consciousness within you that you ARE functioning THROUGH. Your filter, that is, how you experience LIFE.

When in lack, and you want this and it isn’t there in front of your eyes, and you begin to focus and think about this, that which you are not yet experiencing, the filter of consciousness you then are functioning in, is what you call on earth 3D consciousness. It is the waiting, and the wanting, for that which is not present Now as your experience.

Yet, you are not separate from anything Now. It is the human mind immersed in 3D timelines of separation consciousness, that it thinks it is so.

Everything REALLY does exist now. This is not a modern catch phrase, it is the Truth of Reality. ALL existences exist Now. All experiences exist now. And are connected by what you may term, nodal points of consciousness.


Yet what it is, is the SOUL of You that is eternal, that is consciously EMBODYING all worlds, all timelines, all Parallel Worlds NOW. There is no time as the experience of your Soul.

When you more fully embody the FILTER AS FUNCTIONING through your awareness in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, you will KNOW you are not separate from anything. That LOVE was always Present. The experiences of what you call Death and time and distance does not separate you from it.

And although you live in your consciousness in a world made of form, and appears as solid, this really is not so.

It is all LIGHT and it is in this LIGHT that you experience the UNIFIED You, in the present moment.

Settling in to your New Anchoring in of Consciousness, is really NOT new, simply new in your form experiencing a life and incarnation, on Earth. Earth and the Universe is really inside of YOU.

Now people may say, what about this and what about how things are usually done on earth, you must plan, you must figure out things. Such as, You must be with someone, you must find a partner, you must figure out money and normal concerns, etc. And who says this? That is the voice of the one, who does not want to let go of a security, of a belief, of a filter of consciousness, of the way of Being, that they are used to.


Each persons reality will Shatter in 3D, when they are ready.

That is dissolve, and the new, yet always present, Consciousness, as the NEW Filter of Consciousness BEING ~ will be the Golden Age, The Heaven on Earth, that is here now, and that so many are now entering consciously into.

When you are ready, you will fully let go of the old paradigm within you and ALLOW yourself to BE FREE form the old constructs of THOUGHT and Belief that you are FUNCTIONED through, and you will be willing, to let it go completely. YOU will shed the old clothing that was your filter of consciousness, that believed it was separate. And your new clothing, so to speak, will be your Eternal Light.

And in this Eternal Light, you will know yourself as everywhere all at once. And you will experience a life so DIFFERENT than 3D and SO Divine, yet you will know it is your home and always WAS and always will Be.

I hold you in this Sacredness of LIGHT that is the UNION Consciousness, of ALL THAT IS, and in this Light you know me. And in this Light all I see, is the UNION that you ARE.

Eternal Love and Bliss!!

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