Life Coach, MetaPhysician

As the energy of Conscious Awareness continues to get stronger, the Dark Cabal struggles to convince us that we are getting worse instead of better. It is literally fighting to prove that 3 D thinking still reins. That all of this positive change nonsense, is just propaganda, The doubters are becoming less and less in numbers, the rest of us, the true believers, are growing more and stronger daily. We see their attempts to disprove the progress we are making, as an opportunity for us to send more compassion, love and light to those who are victims of these attempts and even to those who are still in resistance our progressive manifestation of 5 D perspective.We will not be negatively influenced by others unconscious deeds. We realize that if they knew better they would do better. So there are more Love and Light responses and less condemnation. We understand that the departed are going home to regain their Divine prescience and we’ll be with them again in a 5th Dimensional world of our making, in spite of any resistance.
Here is a bit of encouragement:
A great wave of higher consciousness is descending on this world. This realm is learning how to alter its emotions and to let the ways of the healing heart rule. It is important to think, envision and believe in the vast amounts of Love and Light. If you refuse to act on your lower emotions and use Love to understand, a wonderful state of quiet peace envelops you. It is this new energy that we are cultivating. One of the most beautiful talents of humanity is to rediscover the power of mercy and the instrument that is divine grace. With this in hand, you are ready to learn elements that this new rising consciousness can give you. Hence be ready to use the new insights that come from this. Hosanna! Hosanna! Ascended Masters:

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