Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We are in NOW energy, the Past is past, it’s time, all time is now, to spend some of our increased energy, with our multidimensional mind. We need to reconnect with our ability to go beyond our 3 D belief system. This takes focused interest, repetition, patience and perseverance. The Law of Attraction needs to be used consciously, this is a fact in the Now any way. The more we consider what we are going to attract, when we think, speak, feel and act, the more we take charge of our life. Otherwise we remain a victim to our unconscious habitual and limited 3 D expressions. Now is the time to make major changes in our lives, we’ve been care-less long enough. The more we consciously we CARE for the way we use this increased energy, we are being given, the more ‘Self Love’ we develop. We care enough, to take care of ourselves, by being alert to old 3 D limiting habits and no longer give them energy by stop thinking about them. I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good, is a 5th dimensional blessing. I am adding a short explanation about what to do to connect to our higher self, our multidimensional.mind, in case you are interested in practicing making that connection. This was channeled by Suzzane Lie
We recommend that you find a time, even if it is not at the top of the day, in which you can take at least 15 minutes to tune into your SELF. If you can establish a ritual, such as:
▪ Go to the same place at the same time
▪ Bring some means by which you can write your experience
▪ If you enjoy music, play some soft music
▪ Read something spiritual for a moment to “shake off the 3D”
▪ Close your eyes and reflect on what you have read
▪ With your hands on the keyboard, or your pen in hand on the paper,
relax and breathe into a higher/relaxed state of consciousness
▪ To get started, you can always write something like:
“Dear ONE, (Higher SELF etc.) Do you have a message for me NOW?
▪ Relax and release all expectation or thinking
▪ Allow the pen to write, or your hands to move on the keyboard
If you stay with that simple plan, you will gradually build a personal relationship with your Higher SELF. It is helpful to do this exercise at the same time and same place every time.
If you can maintain this commitment every day for 21 days, you will create a “habit.” Then, if you skip a day you will “miss that time with your SELF.” You will also realize the importance of keeping your promise with your SELF.
If you cannot have this meeting every day, then try to be consistent with the days that you choose so that you can “keep your agreement to meet with your SELF.” Remember YOU are important, and Gaia needs YOU!
Once you remember how to communicate with your Multidimensional SELF, your “channel”— meaning the frequency field of your energy package—will be open to all the myriad Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Masters that are NOW ready to communicate with YOU!
Blessings, dear ONES who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia.
We thank you for your service and commend you for your courage.
Mytre, The Pleiadian

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