Life Coach, MetaPhysician

It’s important to understand, The Law of Allowing, clearly. We come to earth with 100% power, to play the Earth Game, fully capable to handle any experience that we may choose to learn from. We never attract any experience that we didn’t want as a spiritual challenge. We never attract any experience that doesn’t have a valuable lesson for our growth. We committed to finding the value of everything in life and ourselves.We purposely decided to play with doubts and fears as our challenge of self limitation, so we would have a spiritual challenge of self acceptance.with trust and faith in our ability. Self Realization is everyone’s basic purpose, when we understand who and what we really are, our true life and purpose begins.We are a Divine Being pretending to be a limited human. Once we get it, we begin to be the Light Workers that we came here to be. We don’t use The Law of Allowing because we still don’t believe that we are worth the power that’s readily available to us, so we don’t Allow ourselves to be open and receive it. It’s being made available for us, it is ours foe ours for the Allowing and accepting. We are all worthy, we just haven’t believed it and Allowed it. So just do it, it’s ours, any time we choose to Allow It.
Here is a little inspiration from Owtn K Walters / in 5 D

As you progress in the development of your consciousness you will acquire more and more of the attributes of the expanded consciousness of your complete, inner self. Your daily consciousness is a tight focus, a subset, of your complete consciousness. That daily, waking consciousness is now expanding to incorporate more of the capabilities which you already possess within your complete, inner self.
Now that The Shift to the New Reality is occurring, this type of inner development is accelerating rapidly. As time passes, you will become more and more capable of perceiving other locations in time and space.

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