Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Now that our energy has increased and is continuing to increase daily, it’s really important to be alert to how we use our increased energy. We need to consciously respect the Law of Attraction, Cause and effect. Are we thinking about what don’t have, what we want, what we would like to have, what is missing in our lives? If so , that’s what we are creating, more of what we don’t have or want. We attract more of what ever we think about. We need to take advantage of this Law of Attraction and start thinking about already having those things we want, create the feelings that we have because we have them, create the vibration that having then will create within us. When we vibrate those feelings of having-ness and maintain them, we will attract them. Be careful not to be impatient, or have any doubts, no 3 D thoughts, just knowing that we’ve created them. Be alert, don’t rain on your own parade, just do it with trust and faith. Re-member, Abundance is our birth right. 11:11 is a time for anchoring in our new reality. One Key to Manifesting is to celebrate in advance what you are wanting. Waiting to celebrate until what you want happens is old paradigm thinking. It is time to step into our mastery.

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