Life Coach, MetaPhysician

When we view our old 3 D thinking with 5 D awareness, it is simple to see how we have been living in self created limitation. In the 5 D approach, there is nothing wrong with any of us, existence, God, doesn’t make wrong, doesn’t make anything that doesn’t have value, that doesn’t have the power to create the abundance of life that they want and desire. All doubts, fears, limitations are 3 D expressions. We are all perfectly imperfect. in the way that we wanted to be, as a part of our individual Spiritual Challenge. In truth, we love a Spiritual Challenge. We never choose a challenge that we didn’t want and we never choose a challenge that we can’t transform into the light of conscious awareness of its value. That’s The Game of Life, to recognize the value of life and it starts in the mirror. Most if us spend life times trying to change ourselves, instead of understanding what the value is, of being this unique person we chose to be. When we re-member what we really are, lust as we are, we become a member again of the Light of the Conscious Awareness, of our being a part of Existence on a chosen pilgrimage of transformation into the 5th Dimension. How are you doing?

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