Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Now that our energy is increasing as steadily and as strong as it is, we need to spend more conscious time sharing what we are receiving with others, with the outside world. Spend a few minutes or more sitting quietly, with your eyes closed, paying attention to your breath, first filling your stomach, then bring it up to your chest and up to your head. Repeat this several times, then with your breath, bring your energy up from the earth, through you body to the top of your head and back down to your heart, activating your Chi, your essential energy flow. Repeat this several times. Now from your heart send this consciously activated Chi energy to and through the God center, of as many people as you;d like, to and through their solar plexus, contacting their consciousness at the lowest possible level and elevating their consciousness to the harmony of perfection, and then out into the world. Do this for a few minutes or more depending on your decided commitment of time. This is a wonderful practice to do meditatively and regularly for you, for others and for the world. After doing this, spend a few minutes or more silently feeling. The more you choose to do this, the more you’ll feel god about it, you are doing what you came to earth to do, sharing your light.

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