Life Coach, MetaPhysician

It’s Time To Trade Up

It keeps getting better and better, November is a number 11 which is also  Numerology speaking a number 1, which means a new beginning, focused on personal growth and self consciousness. As we choose to expand the awareness of our Spiritual reality, we increase the awareness of our essential power that we all have, laying dormant within and waiting for us to realize and put them to work for us. 3 D energy produced Doubt, Fear,and Limitation. 4 D / 5 D energy offers Trust and Faith and unlimited possibilities. #1 energy is inner awakening and outer manifestation. The world is new and so are we, so we need to be alert and stop our old habits of doubt, fear and limitation and replace them with a desired state of mind. Self love is the answer at all times, when we are consciously awake, we will be caring for our self and make caring choices. We NOW have a new beginning, use it wisely.

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