Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The next things to be aware of and transform are feelings of Lack, Need and Greed. These attitudes are our old habits of identifying with something that we accepted as our truth, those things are impossible, we have to create these ideas and we have. We all have 100% power ti be able to manifest anything that we want, if we believe in our ability to do so. Nothing is missing, except a positive intention, trust in our self and a creative focus. We have unlimited power to succeed in life, we’ve only been limited by our 3 D belief system, If existence is One and Indivisible and a part can not be where the Whole is not, then the only problems are self limitations. We have been living down to a belief that we aren’t good enough or capable enough to create what we want, the way we want it, so we believe that we aren’t good enough and are greedy for what we believe we can’t have. Abundance is our birth right, but most of us don’t trust in ourselves and our ability to claim it. Self limiting 3 D energy is over, now it is up to us, to stop pretending that we are a victim to it. Now, I AM, I CAN and I WILL is the attitude to focus on and then, ‘Just Do IT’.

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