Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Our journey into the new dimensions of 4 D/5 D energy inspires a different approach than the one we were dealing with in 3 D energy. With our increased power we need to be more response-able for how we use our power, when we think, speak, feel and act, we need to be mote aware of what we are doing and our intention at the time. Are we functioning consciously or are we still reacting from old, 3 D subconscious habits? When we are in the NOW we will be consciously aware, when we are not in the NOW we revert to 3 D habitual reactions. Its intelligent to be more alert, our world has changed and we need to change accordingly. Our Conscious Awareness has been increased, we need to use it with trust and faith to achieve what we really want, a better understanding of our Game Life, choosing to feel good at will, a new and peaceful world to live in and it’s totally up to us to achieve. This comes together when we come together, as enough of us make our inner world harmonious, the outer will follow.4th and 5th dimensions are ruled by Love and developing Self Love is the key to success.
I’m sharing a short message from Humanities Team to inspire your growth::
hink about the amazing times in which we live. It is easy to look at the world and see the seemingly insurmountable obstacles facing a polarized world whose so-called leaders are still stuck in the concepts of separation, ego, competition and force. However, when you peek below the surface with an open mind and heart you discover the awakening of a whole new way of being among human beings all over the world. The internet has brought everyone together and is enabling people to share on a personal level that transcends country, race, religion, or beliefs. The movement toward oneness is happening so swiftly that it is hard for most of us to imagine it.

On a personal level it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the issues that seem to be rushing to the surface. Our dark closets are being thrust open as the light enters. The wonderful thing is that eliminating blocks, old programs, phobias, and addictions is so much faster and easier than in the past. Issues we have struggled with for decades (or even lifetimes!) can be healed in minutes. The healers and technologies now available, combined with the universal energies raising everyone’s vibration, make change rapid and smooth as long as we don’t resist it and cling to our old paradigms. Why not just dive into the pool of energetic transformation that we are bringing to the world? Dive deep and share that bliss with others as we all come together on this beautiful journey of oneness.

–Ted Murray

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