Life Coach, MetaPhysician


Now that we are changing our Conscious Perception into a 5th dimension reality, we are beginning to realize how essentially we were limited in our 3 D thinking. Our 3 D reactions are multidimensional as well, so we still have them to transform. The increase of conscious awareness we are receiving now is a great assistance, but the work is still ours. I don’t do that any mire, I am feeling good, still is the easiest and most effective way for us to clean house. This increase of energy that we are receiving, is also bring up Karmic lessons that we didn’t find the value of, that may have lain dormant for ages. As we become aware of them and see their hidden value, before we choose to let them go of them, we’ve understood their previously hidden value as well as eliminated their attachment. This spiritual house cleaning is part of our 4 D necessity to prepare for our 5 D attunment. These Karmic attachments can be in the way of Self Love, they were created with doubts,limitations and fears of our ability to find our self value. Patience and perseverance of accepting our inner ‘divine truth’ is the goal . I AM that I AM

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