Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Isn’t that interesting is the intelligent response to just about everything, especially things we have no control over. What happens is what happens, what is is what is. When we no longer compare and judge on the negative side, that is ,and see everything as interesting, we are being caring to our self and to others the old habit of comparing and judgment is a 3 D habit that needs to be changed. We are exactly what we wanted to be, just as we are and so is everyone. the only thing we need to judge and compare, is how to improve, and do better next time. We chose to be born so we could learn from our experiences, as we keep making better choices,how to cope with life, our inner light gets brighter. When we react in the old 3 D way, of judgment and comparison, we are still identifying with what is wrong. With Free Will as an excepted reality, there is no right or wrong, there is only silly and stupid. We came to Earth to have a good time learning how to deal with our chosen life and got trapped in 3 D limitations that no longer active. So now lets see everything as interesting and stop 3 D judgment and be more caring to our self and everyone else, it feels good when we do it.

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