Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We need to spend more energy with our self appreciation and self love.We are being changed to be able to make the big jump into a higher level of conscious awareness and the more we work on ourselves, letting go of our attachments to 3 D attachments, the easier and more efficient we become at being receptive to this major jump that we are being prepared for. There is a bid difference between what we may think we are and our spiritual truth. We are far more, than our highest idea of our selves. We may have high ideas of our self, but it’s difficult to visualize true spirit with a limited mind, so we have a 3 D concept of our true self. Even so our general concept of our true self, isn’t any where near to our potential. We are Divine beings pretending to be a Human and even that much is difficult to imagine and accept. The only limitations we have, we created, our concept of Spirit is generally a long ways from ithe truth. For most of us the true meaning of the Divine is created according to the religion we grew up, with, going beyond a 3 D idea of God, Spirit, can be difficult if not impossible. Being a part of God is seldom accepted as a reality. So we need to work on our inner Godliness which lives in our hearts and let go of our mind’s 3 D limitations. We need to let go, to let come, as we do so, if we do so, we will be thrilled with what happens. What we think, feel and see will take on a meaning. It’s certainly worth the effort. Just do it and see what happens.
Here is some inspiration through an excerpt of a channelling from Sanat Kumara by Jenny Schults
Some of you have been taking part in a deep integration period. A merging if you will of selves, aspects of yourself, even themes such as the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. Some will even find that they are merging aspects of self that are not part of your experience on earth, these are to show you your incredible potential and multidimensional abilities. Many of you feel that you are in a deep well looking up at the light, your entire scope of reference is only the opening above and what has come into your view to be seen. It is now that we ask you to stretch yourselves, release your limitations and realize that their is an entire world around the hole of the well. It is you who must believe in order to access it. Every time you release your fears, your limitations, your beliefs that no longer serve, and your fear of loving yourself completely, the view to the top becomes closer and closer. It is you who hold the key to releasing yourself from the darkness surrounding you. It is you who has the power to transform all around you by simply being in a state of love for all around you, but especially for yourself. Self love and empowerment has never been more important than it is at this time.

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