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Most of us are so stuck in our 3 D identification, our 3 D thinking that letting go seems like a an impossible task and therefore it is. We that we are victims to our own way of thinking, we are using our power to prove to our selves that we can’t change the way we think, all it really takes is focused determination. The winner never quits and the quitter never wins, where there is a will, there is a way. The easiest and simplest way is ‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good. I AM, I Can and I Will, used repetitively, we just need to prove to ourselves, our cells and our mind that we mean it. The results are definitely worth the effort. Here is an excerpt from a Pleladian channeling by L’Aura Pleladian inspire you.
You have stepped out of 3D waiting, your Soul is guiding you every moment, and you have QUIT the endless battle of struggle and suffering, which is the resistance to the path of ease and grace, in the present moment. Everything magically unfolds, in the present Moment~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness. It is ARRIVAL and the end of struggle and fighting the PATH of your Soul. The path you have incarnated over and over to RECEIVE.
live in the moment 1
Living in the Present moment, and bypassing the Need to Wait (which is bypassing your need FOR control and resistance to arrival) is the allowance and acceptance of your Arrival, of the present moment, which ends the perpetual need for waiting (which is the 3D cycle) that you keep “incarnating” into. Do you need to wait till another incarnation to receive your Destiny?
Will you STOP Waiting and stop obsessing over everything THAT is not PRESENT NOW in your life now, and you Let that go And arrive NOW, YOU Receive. It is in the being present and in the letting go of the need to control and wait for what is not here now, that you RECEIVE your Destiny, your Desires AND MORE.

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