Life Coach, MetaPhysician

How are you doing with ‘Feel Good’? The people I’m in contact with, give me wonderful reports on their use of it and have increased their use of it. The amount of repetition varies, but the more they use it, the better the response, it’s like our cells and belief system are getting into Feeling Good. know that I am, old habits are silly and stupid, especially when we have such an efficient way of transforming them. I don’t do that anymore is a simple way to end 3 D thinking and I AM feeling good is always a good idea. Feeling good is a form if self love, its caring for our self consciously. We need to become positive selfish and take care of our self first so we can have more caring to share with the world and everyone, caring and sharing is contagious and infectious, the more we do it, the more others get the message and do it as well, good for everyone. Loving ourselves is our first order of business, practice being a heart-full person may take practice and it’s more valuable than you nay be aware of. Just work on it and see what happens. Think about this an excerpt of a Jesus channelling, from John Sulman:

Enormous change is occurring in preparation for humanity’s awakening which is ongoing right now. Be uplifted, be inspired, and share the energies that arise as a result, they are all aspects of Love, your true and eternal nature. We are all One! And you are all finally accepting and agreeing to that truth which is why there is such joy in the spiritual realms where we can see so clearly the remarkable attitudinal changes that humanity is in the process of making with such loving intent.

All humans are spiritual beings, that is beings of pure energy, temporarily having a very limited life experience due to your choice to enclose yourselves in human bodily form. That body, while able to provide enjoyable sensations through its physical senses, is basically a shield that separates you from your true nature as beings of Light. While embodied you can choose to be unloving, uncaring, competitive, aggressive, self-seeking, and unaware of the feelings of others, or you can choose to be the opposite. The body hides your true nature from you, making it possible for you to make these kinds of choices. However, without it you can only be the fully sentient and conscious being that God created, a being of infinite Love.

God, Love, our Source is unaware of anything that is not in complete and unchanging alignment with Love, because there is nothing else to be aware of. God is All that exists and each sentient and conscious living entity is part of and eternally One with Him. There is nothing but God. The best way to conceive of that is to try and imagine Love as a field of infinite energy, far, far vaster than the enormous universe in which your tiny planet is located and on which each of you in your minuscule human bodies resides. You are, as One with God, the only Reality, VAST beyond your ability to conceive of, and you then chose to experience limitation by reducing yourselves so that you could fit into the extremely limited vehicles that are your human bodies. It is really no surprise that you frequently feel extremely frustrated with your apparent smallness and consequential insignificance!

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