Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I keep getting the message that we are going through accession NOW Slowly our bodies are being changed so they can handle the higher frequencies, that are necessary for us to exist in the increase of energy, that is necessary, to establish the 5th dimension that we are moving into. We need to work with these changes by doing our part. The more we stop thinking in 3 D, the more energy and support we are giving to resisting these changes we are going through. 3 D thinking is like rowing a boat with the anchor dragging behind the boat, it really gets in the way and it’s just a lazy habit. The more we stay in the Now, the more we stay silent, the more we we choose to be consciously alert, the more we can absorb the new energy. We need to stay more and more in the Now and more receptive and help these changes to prepare us for the next level.

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