Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Wake Up and Live In The Now

We need to become more conscious of higher and lower energy. We are in a higher energy game in the Now and in the Now our communication with our Higher -self is through our feelings. As we recognize these feelings, we need to become at one with them and feel what they have to share with us. We need to communicate with them in order to receive answers to our queries and we will, so we need to be quiet and receptive. In the NOW there is no time identification, when we are into time, we are back in 3 D, lower energy vibration and communication with our Higher-Self is limited. When we are in the NOW, we can ask for information and help and get responses through our feelings, which are our thought forms in the Now, communication with our Higher-Self is always available in the Now. In order to communicate though, we have to reach out, to initiate the contact.Our world has changed and so have we. The question is how consciously aware and response-able do we feel about our changeability? Do we recognize our changes? Are we being more response-able, working on staying in the NOW? Or are we being lazy and holding on to 3 D, lower vibration identification and thinking? The choice is ours, how are you doing?

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