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All We Need is More LOVE

If we really knew who and what we really are, we would laugh at all the stupid stuff we’ve been doing to ourselves, all of our life, because we’ve been pretending to be something that we really aren’t. We aren’t a limited human, we are a Divine Being, pretending to be this limited person as a spiritual challenge, to see how long we will take to understand and accept that The Game of Life is an energy game of choice and responsibility. Free Will means Choice and even No Choice is a choice. The Law of Attraction returns the choices we make, to show us how we are playing the Game, this is so we can learn how to play the Game of Life, more consciously and make better choices. Until recently we’ve been influenced by the power of 3 D thinking, the Law of Opposites, Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Comparisons, etc. Now that 3 D limiting energy is no longer an influence, the influence of 4 D/ 5 D energy is prevalent, our conscious awareness is being increased daily to assist us to go beyond our human attachment to the reality that we are really Divine Beings that have been pretending to be a Human to play The Game of LIfe as a spiritual challenge of achieving Self Realization. There is now a different basic purpose to the Game, Conscious Awareness and Self Love. 5 D is the goal, the door to 5 D is Self Love,as we become more consciously aware and choose to love ourselves, we will be doing our part in the Evolution of our world, all it takes is Self Love

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  1. This is so true. So many times we confuse ourselves with being humans having a spiritual experience rather than being spiritual beings having a human experience. Our universal goal is to re-achieve the state of consciousness we had before we fell and to become one with God.

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