Life Coach, MetaPhysician

There is two kinds of Judgement and Comparison, the negative kind is 3 D, finding fault. The positive kind is identifying the good, what’s better, realizing that there are improvements, being alert to old habits that are no longer desired and making proper adjustments. The most important judgement is to keep increasing the amount of Self Love we have. Self Love is the key to 5th dimension reality and to Self Realization. 4 D is essentially learning how to make more desire-able choices, stop being a victim to 3 D thinking and practicing Self Love. Taking care of ourselves takes conscious awareness, dedication, determination and practice. We are the only person who knows what we want, until we choose to give it to ourselves, we remain unfulfilled. Once we care enough to take care of ourselves and do it, Everything changes, we become sharers of what we now have, instead of beggars for what we want and feeling unsatisfied. No one else knows what we want, so be intelligent and take care of yourself.

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