Life Coach, MetaPhysician

As we continue to stop thinking in 3 D, we attract more and more of what we really want. All of the energy we used to spend energy on, like comparing, judging, doubting, fearing, resenting, resisting, now becomes available to us to use creatively, to improve our lives and to encourage others to join the 4 D/5 D world of increased self love and increased prosperity. As we leave 3 D thinking behind us, we see how the Law of attraction, Cause and Effect is bringing us more of what we really want, Feel Good stuff. The more we use I Don’t Do That any More. I AM Felling Good, the better our life becomes because of our response-ability, to move from the limitations of 3 D thinking into the higher vibration of the energy of 4 D/5 D. The key of our Ascension is Self Love, the more we choose to love ourselves the higher we get and the better everything gets. Visualize what you want, feel that you all ready have it and work toward it, fill in the missing pieces, Abundance is and always has been up to us to claim. Now that 3 D is no longer a limitation/struggle factor, everything will be more available and easier to acquire. Be alert to your old habits of 3 D stuff and stop identifying with them, the choice is ours. It’s time to trade up.

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