Life Coach, MetaPhysician

As we adjust to our changing energy, we need to get more involved. It’s important to change our automatic reactions to conscious responses. We need to take charge of what we are doing, we’ve been care-less far too long. We are much more powerful now than ever before, and we aren’t living up to the responsibility that comes with it. We need to be more alert, more consciously aware of what we are doing with this increased energy, the old ways are now more limiting because if we don’t use this increased energy more consciously, it will attract things we no longer want and make our life more confusing. When we don’t choose to be more careful of the choices we make and choose to be response-able, we are not taking advantage of our 4 D/5 D potential, we are still holding on to 3 D limitations, 3 D thinking, 3 D stuff we need to get rid of. I Don’t Do That Any More. I AM Feeling Good, is really important for us to use, until we become consciously in charge. To be lazy is crazy, we’ve played victim long enough, it’s time to take charge. I AM, I Can I will, just do it.

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