Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The energy of this planet is E Motional, this is a Feeling World and we are our feelings. The Problem is never the problem, the way we feel about things is what we need to pay attention to. When we use I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM feeling Good, We change our feelings, then we add, I AM, I Can and I will, now lets add a feel good visualization. Visualize something good to replace, in your brain, what you are choosing to not do any more. replace the old picture, the one you decided not to do any more, with a new visualization, a new picture for your brain to identify with when, a like situation reappears. We are re-programming our brain, which functions from emotional pictures, to play the feel good program instead if the old fearful one. When we develop this practice as a rule, we are changing our Belief systems library to a more desirable and supporting response, from a protective reaction, to a productive response. This will take repetitive action, we need to convince our brain that we mean it. So just do it and check it out. Works for me.

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