Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The Divine Matrix, the essential energy that everything, in visible existence, is created from, Light and love, in three dimensional form. Life as we know it, is an adventure, or an experience of conscious awareness, with free will, in an emotional energy. This is a very tricky game, to see what and how minds will react or respond to the hearts truth, when it is exposed to experiences of what appears to be threats, to its existence, in the influence of the power of 3 D energy which is the Law of opposites, thought forms of right and wrong, good and bad, success and failure, shoulds and shoulds and nots etc. are working in an emotional world, with Cause and effect, the Law of Attraction as a guide. Free Will is the gift of love and the choice to feel good or bad is our option. The reward to us is either more Feel Good or more Feel Bad , when we chose to feel bad, life becomes more difficult, to show us what feeling bad did for us. When we choose to feel good then good things would cone to us and our inner light would shine brighter, which improves our life and raises our energy and changes the influence of limited 3 D thinking to Self Love. We have changed the energy of our world to where the 3 D experience is no longer of value to us and our world, we have done what was needed, to go to the next level of the transformation of ourselves and our world. Welcome to the 4 D/ 5 D experience of Self Love and prosperity. You’ve earned it, now we can learn how to take advantage of this new energy and enjoy it.

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