Life Coach, MetaPhysician

It’s amazing to me how few people are aware or even some what aware and how much influence they have on the transformation of our world. We are transforming this world, good for us. Just think if so few can do so much, wow! What if it was turned around and there was only a few who weren’t aware and the rest of us were shinning our light with positive intent? I like to fantasize the possibilities. No more suffering, no more violence,no more hate and anger because of a difference of opinion, I could go on and on with my fantasy, but I know you get the idea of the way i’m thinking, when I’m O.K. your O.K. and our differences are just interesting. When we are insecure with ourselves, we are insecure with everything and everyone else, we judge the world the way we judge ourselves. Existence doesn’t make mistakes or negativity, so why do I doubt my self and look for problems? There are only two reasons, Silly and or Stupid. When we don’t find the Win, we’ll have to do it over again.

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