Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Here is a Spiritual Challenge, a 4 D / 5 D practice and an interesting thing to do, a find the value game of Life. Choose to spend a day from waking up, to going to sleep that night. finding the value in everything you see, hear, experience, do and is done to you. Absolutely no 3 D reactions, no doubts, no judgments, no comparisons. no questioning, no feelings of right or wrong, no good or bad, no resistance, just looking for and finding the value of everything. Fora lot of us this can begin when the alarm wakes us up, or when we first look in the bathroom mirror. If you forget and do a 3 D reaction then you lost the challenge and begin again tomorrow or when you feel confident about your ability to conquer the Find the Value GAme. This may be a lot harder than you thought it would be. If you think that you are in control of yourself, check it out and play the see the value of creation game for a day. This is also the 4 D game we need to practice, until we can perfect our ability to do this and then we are in 5 D energy. We’ve got about 25 years to develop this art, so when you feel adventurous or interested in practicing self control, play the ‘Recognize The Value Game’, good practice can be fun, is always a challenge and wonderful practice.

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