Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We have entered into a period that we can call the Revolution of Love. we’ve spent enough time and energy using the pursuit of and longing for something we’ve always had and are a creation of Divine Love in a human body. That’s why Self Realization is and always has been the the Spiritual Quest of mankind, we’ve been searching for our true self in the wrong places, it isn’t and never has been some where out there, it is and always has been ourselves, we’ve been searching for our true self.Isn’t that interesting, life times of searching for ourselves and didn’t realize it. NOW is the Time, Self Love is the necessity, 4 D thinking ts all about practicing and accepting Self Love, once we get it and become it we are able to function in 5 D and be our true self which was what we were working on in all of our
3 D lives for thousand of years. We were preparing for NOW, once we were conscious enough to take the responsibility, it happened. 3 D energy had done it’s job, prepared us for more, we were ready and 3 D was on longer needed, we were prepared and it happened, it is time to play in a higher frequency, to transform ourselves into a state of Self Love and see through Loving Eyes. The search is over and the Self Realization Game is in full swing. Existence is one and indivisible, a part can not be where the whole is not, we are therefore love becoming aware of its self, let go of 3 D and enjoy the life you chose to live, lovingly.

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