Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We need to be more aware of the power of Cause and Effect, the power of the Law of Attraction. The Game of Life is an energy game. The clearer we understand how it works and use it more consciously, the better, the more efficiently we will use it. We do use it. all of the time, every time we choose to think, speak, feel and act, we are creating a Cause and our intention, that we had, whether conscious or unconscious at the time, influences the effect, what is going to come back to us. Tomorrow is an expression of what we did today, it is energy’s way of providing us with an example of what we did yesterday, so we can make choose to make better, more consciously aware choices today, than we did yesterday, actually it’s a gift of love, to help us to fine tune and be more response-able for what and how we use our energy and we quite often or generally, ignore, the value of the gift and may feel like a victim to today’s wake up possibilities, instead of being grateful, to these messages, which are only the effects of yesterday’s reactions or responses. Free will is the Cause, today is the Effect, as we become more consciously aware of how we use our energy today, we will create more desire-able tomorrows, re-member this is our movie.

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