Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Be here Now seems like a simple thing to do and it can be as long as you don’t start doing your old 3 D game of dualistic thinking. Breaking old habits takes concentrated effort, especially something we have been doing life time after life time for 36,000 years or so, if you think that quitting smoking or loosing weight was a challenge, Taking control of how and what you choose to think, is a whole new game of Conscious Awareness, you must stay alert. We were given the way to make the necessary change a simple process, we just have to Key we were given, we need to use it response-ably, repeatably and consistently, until we have achieved our goal, Being in the Now, maintaining present time awareness and becoming the person we really are, until we have conquered our old 3 D limited thinking. I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM feeling Good, works, but we have ti use it. This takes alert commitment and dedication, to demand from ourselves, that it is time for us to, “Let Go and Let Come”
Be a Nike, Just Do It.

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