Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Be here Now and Be Real

Before we choose to think we are Heart-full, we are a part of, I AM that I AM that I AM, a two legged representative of Conscious Awareness, with the full power of existence. I came to Mother Earth to play The Game of Life and share the Love that I was created of and play my part, in the manifestation of a Conscious, Peaceful, Friendly and Loving World, A Divine Being, in a Human Body sharing the Love that I AM is, with everyone that I can and then, I decided to think and I instantly became a 3 D reality of limited ability, my belief systems idea of doubts and fears, OOPS! I forgot that I am in this 5 D limitation reality, I was in the 5th Dimension where ALL SPACE IS HERE, ALL TIME IS NOW, ALL THINGS ARE SPIRIT, ALL IS DIVINE, So when I forget, I can take a deep breath and come back to being in the NOW and I’M Heart-full again, It’s that simple. I need to practice being in the Now where I will always be Heart-full and do it again and again, until I AM That, all of the time.

I can do that because, I AM, therefore I CAN, therefore I Will.

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