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It’s Time To Trade Up

It keeps getting better and better, November is a number 11 which is also  Numerology speaking a number 1, which means a new beginning, focused on personal growth and self consciousness. As we choose to expand the awareness of our Spiritual reality, we increase the awareness of our essential power that we all have, laying dormant within and waiting for us to realize and put them to work for us. 3 D energy produced Doubt, Fear,and Limitation. 4 D / 5 D energy offers Trust and Faith and unlimited possibilities. #1 energy is inner awakening and outer manifestation. The world is new and so are we, so we need to be alert and stop our old habits of doubt, fear and limitation and replace them with a desired state of mind. Self love is the answer at all times, when we are consciously awake, we will be caring for our self and make caring choices. We NOW have a new beginning, use it wisely.

The More You Care, The more You Have To Share.

Wisdom is a gift of love, from the conscious awareness of the heart to the mind. As we become more aware of the value of experience, we become wiser and stronger. The basic wisdom that we are growing in to now, is to be alert to, how consciously we are caring for ourselves. Until we develop our self love, we are still holding on to kind of self denial. As we accept our self, just as we are, we are still functioning in self imposed limitation. As our degree of self love expands, so will our ability to manifest what we really want as well. We need to learn how to be positive selfish, to take care of ourselves first, so we will have more to share. First getting then sharing. you are the only one that knows what you want and I don’t mean from someone else, when we love ourselves,we have love to share. When we consciously care for for ourselves, we will consciously be a caring person. We all want to be cared for, so just do it. take care of you. Why? Because your worth it.

Taking Care Of Business, Loving Myself

How are you doing with your new responsibility? In order for us to clean up our old identification to 3 D domination and to eliminate Past Life Karmic attachments. To do that, we need to be alert and determined. We are such creatures of habit, that we need to replace our old, no longer desired, limiting, habits, with new consciously progressive habits. This takes persistent repetition, we have to convince ourselves that we mean it. It usually takes 60 to 90 days, or longer, to prove to ourselves and our cells that we are sincere, that we really mean it. Until we take responsibility for making positive change, our old habit patterns and our subconscious belief system has control of our life and are a victim to yesterday. We need to choose to be here NOW. By being consciously alert and purposely response-able for how we use our energy, . When we dedicate ourselves to letting of what is no longer desired and spending more conscious time in the NOW, we are caring for ourselves, taking charge of our life consciously and therefore developing our self love. Welcome to the 4 D and 5 D world. Hoe are you doing? Every day, in every way, a little bit better, with everything, especially Self Love.

You Are What You Believe, Change Your Belief, Change Your Life

The next things to be aware of and transform are feelings of Lack, Need and Greed. These attitudes are our old habits of identifying with something that we accepted as our truth, those things are impossible, we have to create these ideas and we have. We all have 100% power ti be able to manifest anything that we want, if we believe in our ability to do so. Nothing is missing, except a positive intention, trust in our self and a creative focus. We have unlimited power to succeed in life, we’ve only been limited by our 3 D belief system, If existence is One and Indivisible and a part can not be where the Whole is not, then the only problems are self limitations. We have been living down to a belief that we aren’t good enough or capable enough to create what we want, the way we want it, so we believe that we aren’t good enough and are greedy for what we believe we can’t have. Abundance is our birth right, but most of us don’t trust in ourselves and our ability to claim it. Self limiting 3 D energy is over, now it is up to us, to stop pretending that we are a victim to it. Now, I AM, I CAN and I WILL is the attitude to focus on and then, ‘Just Do IT’.

It’s Time TO Develop Conscious Loving Awareness

Our journey into the new dimensions of 4 D/5 D energy inspires a different approach than the one we were dealing with in 3 D energy. With our increased power we need to be more response-able for how we use our power, when we think, speak, feel and act, we need to be mote aware of what we are doing and our intention at the time. Are we functioning consciously or are we still reacting from old, 3 D subconscious habits? When we are in the NOW we will be consciously aware, when we are not in the NOW we revert to 3 D habitual reactions. Its intelligent to be more alert, our world has changed and we need to change accordingly. Our Conscious Awareness has been increased, we need to use it with trust and faith to achieve what we really want, a better understanding of our Game Life, choosing to feel good at will, a new and peaceful world to live in and it’s totally up to us to achieve. This comes together when we come together, as enough of us make our inner world harmonious, the outer will follow.4th and 5th dimensions are ruled by Love and developing Self Love is the key to success.
I’m sharing a short message from Humanities Team to inspire your growth::
hink about the amazing times in which we live. It is easy to look at the world and see the seemingly insurmountable obstacles facing a polarized world whose so-called leaders are still stuck in the concepts of separation, ego, competition and force. However, when you peek below the surface with an open mind and heart you discover the awakening of a whole new way of being among human beings all over the world. The internet has brought everyone together and is enabling people to share on a personal level that transcends country, race, religion, or beliefs. The movement toward oneness is happening so swiftly that it is hard for most of us to imagine it.

On a personal level it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the issues that seem to be rushing to the surface. Our dark closets are being thrust open as the light enters. The wonderful thing is that eliminating blocks, old programs, phobias, and addictions is so much faster and easier than in the past. Issues we have struggled with for decades (or even lifetimes!) can be healed in minutes. The healers and technologies now available, combined with the universal energies raising everyone’s vibration, make change rapid and smooth as long as we don’t resist it and cling to our old paradigms. Why not just dive into the pool of energetic transformation that we are bringing to the world? Dive deep and share that bliss with others as we all come together on this beautiful journey of oneness.

–Ted Murray


Now that we are changing our Conscious Perception into a 5th dimension reality, we are beginning to realize how essentially we were limited in our 3 D thinking. Our 3 D reactions are multidimensional as well, so we still have them to transform. The increase of conscious awareness we are receiving now is a great assistance, but the work is still ours. I don’t do that any mire, I am feeling good, still is the easiest and most effective way for us to clean house. This increase of energy that we are receiving, is also bring up Karmic lessons that we didn’t find the value of, that may have lain dormant for ages. As we become aware of them and see their hidden value, before we choose to let them go of them, we’ve understood their previously hidden value as well as eliminated their attachment. This spiritual house cleaning is part of our 4 D necessity to prepare for our 5 D attunment. These Karmic attachments can be in the way of Self Love, they were created with doubts,limitations and fears of our ability to find our self value. Patience and perseverance of accepting our inner ‘divine truth’ is the goal . I AM that I AM

Smile and The World Smiles With You

I asked my guides what was the most effective thing we could all do, that would be would raise our vibration and assist ourselves, the world and others during this period of transformation that we are going through. the answer was, to Focus on Smiling, with love in your heart. Begin in the morning, when you look in the mirror. When we smile the neurotransmitters in our body, get an influx of light. When we smile at others, we both get it. So lets change our old habit of comparison and judgement of ourselves and others with a Loving Smile and perhaps a salutation, a Good Morning or whatever instead. We are all doing the best we can at all times, when we know how to do better we will. Smiling is contagious, so lets start an epidemic and hope. that everyone catches it. So Good Morning (with a Loving Smile)

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