Life Coach, MetaPhysician

All Space is here, all Time is now, all things are Spirit, all is Divine. This is the foundation of the 5th Dimension. We need to stay in the Now as much as possible. By focusing on the Now, being Consciously Aware of what is being offered to us,recognizing the value of the offering, acting accordingly, will show us what we need to know. Remembering the past (the past is past) being concerned with the concern are 3 D, limiting mind stuff we are to practice no longer identifying with. Now is ll there is and we need to keep becoming back to Now when we realize we are straying. Read Eckhart Tolle’s book (or re read it) “The Power of Now” so you can understand that ‘All time is Now’ from a 5 D awareness. 3 D is gone so let’s be here Now! We are different people with more awareness of our increased power and ability, now we need to practice how to take advantage of this new person that we are and it takes effort from us, the choice is ours. Just do it!

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