Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Rising Into the Truth

Ascension is all about change and our willingness to change. We are the
catalysts for transformation. As we become more powerful change agents, we bring more Light and increase the vibration assisting others to transform.
We all have choices in what we focus on, how we relate to others. We have choices with our thoughts, words and deeds. Why we say we have choices is because each choice has a vibration. We are being asked to choose our thoughts, words and deeds to reflect the highest vibrations possible. The more we put powerful choices into our lives, the more life will reflect back to us that vibrational frequency. This is the mission of all Starseeds.
Remember ~ Limits don’t exist. Boundaries are imaginary. Let Go! Liberate your imaginations! All negativity is 3 D identification, we are no longer limited by yesterday’s thoughts and memories, the past is past. It’s important to Let Go and Let Come. All time is now, all space is here, all things are Spirit, all is Divine.

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