Life Coach, MetaPhysician

This is an historical energy experience that we are being exposed to that started Wednesday the 23rd and will continue until the 28th. A combination of The Equinox, A Full Moon, A Lunar Eclipse, that won’t happen again until 2033 and an energy known as Wave X This is to Inspire an increase in our Conscious Awareness so we can change our perception about about how we choose tp think. For 36,000 years we have been controlled by 3 D thinking, dual, right and wrong, good and bad, judgments, comparisons, doubts and fears, accepted limitations, shame and blame,negative and positive. We are no longer a victim to 3 D energy it is gone. All that is left of it is our habitual use of our 3 D reactions and we need to stop identifying and reacting with it. Our focus needs to be 4 D / 5 D focused. 4 D is increased creativity and Self Love,5 D is total love and oneness with our higher self. Space and time are changed to: all space is here, all time is now, all things are spirit, all is Divine. This transformation of using our energy to go from OH NO! to OH YES! is going to take being more alert and more response-able, but that’s what’s happening, we are free of 3 D victimhood. It’s always been up to us, now it’s that reality is at a higher level. Your body and your emotions may be effected during this energy hit we are getting so just be aware and stay centered.Welcome to our new world.

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