Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Who Are WE REally

We are what we think we are and , act accordingly, The Game of Life is an energy of Cause and Effect, and we play it with Free Will, Choice. Before we chose to play The Game of life, we were a part of the energy of Conscious Awareness which is known as God. God expressing its self as a limited human, with limited awareness, in a 3 D world of right and wrong, good and bad with Free Will and no remembrance of it’s self, to see how long it would take each part of it’s self to re-member what it really was and act accordingly, it’s called Self Realization Because of the transformation of this world that we are going through, we need to leave 3 D thinking and re-create our identification.To do that we need to stop all of our negative thinking and 3 D identification. This means we need to re-think everything and start a new reality that has no 3 D Limitation. I’ll do more on this tomorrow. Think about it.

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