Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Transforming the way we think from 3 D to 4 D takes an increased Conscious awareness, we need to be alert to our habitual use of 3 D and stop it until we convince our cellular memories, our self that we mean it. Being creatures of habit this may take some time and determination. It will help a lot by increasing our self love, doubt our doubts and be more caring. We’ve been limited by 3 D thinking for 36,000 years and it’s over, we are no longer a victim to any limitations, it’s time to practice 4 D thinking, self love, unlimited creativity,until it becomes our conscious reality. our truth and then we can progress into the 5th Dimension where unlimited ascension begins. We are on our way, first step, consciously stop your 3 D doubting, fearing, limiting thinking thinking.

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