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Be Intelligent and Do This Now

The most important thing we have ever had to do, we need to do now. We need to consciously stop all and any negativity. Negativity is a 3 D energy and in order to be able to become more conscious aware we need to be consciously aware of any negative thoughts and stop using them, Jealousy, Fear, Anger, Doubts, Insecurity, Judgement, Hatred, Blame, Condemnation, Dis-trust. Until we take the responsibility to stop identifying with those 3 D energies, we are not open and available to a higher level of conscious awareness, we have to take the responsibility to let go of 3 D in order to be available for 4 D. Self Love and identifying ourselves as Love in a human body is an absolute necessity for assent ion to the next level of our transformation. We were given that we can use to get out of 3 D energy, we just need to keep using it. ” I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM Feeling Good.” Until we stop identifying with 3 D energy we are stuck there. Be intelligent and just do it. Here is some help from Kryon.
Spiritual Common Sense
From Kryon Live Channel, “Soul Journeying, Part 2”
March 2014 in Auckland, NZ
You’re walking around feeling small. Why is that? Why do you humble yourself before God? Now, I just got in trouble, didn’t I? You are told that being humble before God is a good thing! However, if you are a piece of God, why are you humbling yourself before yourself? Does this information make sense to you? It’s time to use evolving Spiritual common sense. If you are a piece of creation, you don’t have to bow to yourself.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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