Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We Are On Our Way

Our 3 D experiences were often difficult life times and were necessary experiences for our growth and for the preparation of our planet to take its intended place in the galaxy. Education through Free Will takes time, with Cause and effect as our inspirational guide, we evolved with Emotional Intelligence as the director, we evolved through chosen life times, to have the ability to create the 5th Dimensional world we are now manifesting. We are leaving the 3 D world of comparison, judgements, right and wrongs, shoulds and should nots, limitations, doubts and fears and moving into a world of unlimited creativity and conscious self love. This will take its own time and needs our focused intention to continue to do our part, which is to raise our vibration by letting go of 3 D identification and thinking. We are becoming consciously aware of the value of our existence, of our purpose and of our movement into a 5th Dimensional world. Good for us.

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