Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I Love Myself Because I’M Me

How much time and energy do you spend every day being nice and loving to yourself? How many times in each day and for how long do you consciously choose to Love, appreciate, feel great and thank yourself for being for being the caring, considerate, grateful, joyful person, you choose to be in your life, by purposefully practicing these feelings on yourself, for a few minutes or more, several times a day. This is important for you to do with yourself, especially when you realize that your are feeling low, over worked, under appreciated, taken for granted, not being understood or cared for. Take a “I love myself, because I’m me.” break, give yourself what you really want to feel, give it to yourself, it does not need to come from anyone else, it needs to come from yourself. We’ve been neglecting ourselves , waiting for someone to give us what we want, be that someone and do it several times a day. We can choose to feel good any time we think it’s a good idea, we’ve been wanting these feelings from others, forget it, take care of yourself, check it out, it really works, self love, needs to come from our self, not someone else.

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