Life Coach, MetaPhysician

How Consciously Aware are You?

I want to play with Conscious Awareness, it’s what we keep hearing that we are getting more of, we are told it’s a desired state of mind, the message is that it is a necessary state of mind to accomplish. Actually Conscious Awareness isn’t a mind trip at all, it’s a Heartfelt awareness. We think that it is the way we think when actually it’s the way we feel. Our heart is our connection to the truth, our mind is how we judge what we feel. This is a feeling world that we judge from what we believe it is or isn’t and then we act accordingly, we work at proving, to our self and the world that what we think is true and our heart suffers, because it knows that what we think is an accepted concept and a mindful limitation, we are living in a world of our own perception, this is 3 D thinking and it’s over. It’s time to let go of 3 D mind stuff and work with the truth of our hearts. A good example is when you consider the future, do you see the new world we are creating with your heart, visualizing the kind of world you wish to live in? or do you see what you think about what is wrong with this one and needs to be changed? Where is your focus? 3 D thinking adds energy to what we are choosing to think about, therefore creating more of the same, visualizing through your heart’s feelings of positive change, creates more of what you are feeling, that’s conscious awareness, using your power to manifest what you feel, not what you think and choosing to feel good, about your body, your life and your world. That’s Conscious Awareness.

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