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Here is something to think about, all of your incarnations were to gather information and wisdom to prepare yourself to be here now and be part of a consciously prepared group of light workers that are helping to raise the vibration of this planet. Raising Earth’s vibratory frequency is an involved task, it takes focused intention to change our focus from 3 D to 4 D and then to 5 D, we are creatures of habit and we are changing our habit patterns by choosing to. This is why Kryon gave us a simple way to make the change necessary to for us to do easy. “I DON’T DO THAT ANY MORE ! AM FEELING GOOD !” is the Key to raising our vibration. Old habits are 3 D vibrations, conscious intention elevates from the old into the new. How simple can it get? The problem is we have to commit to do it consistently, it’s an important part of our job and it feels good when we do it, instant gratification. Let go and re-program is the essential purpose we are here to accomplish, by doing so we are taking care of our self, our world and functioning from our heart. Be intelligent, just do it.
Here is what Kryon has to say.
To Be Here Now
From Kryon Live Channel, “Human Lighthouse Filters”
December 2006 in Newport Beach, CA
“Dear Spirit, I am alive in the years that will save the Earth, and I am here to make a change on the planet. I hereby drop all the vows that would get in the way of that, for they belong to another consciousness and another energy. Instead, I renew my vows with the same Akashic energy that took them originally. All of the lifetimes that are now under me are my support. And like a rod of energy that I will put down this line through my own history, I take control of them all now. I will need the help of all the consciousness of these many souls who I was, from the time I first came to this planet. Together we will create a white light like this planet has never seen. The light of the many me’s, focused through the current me. That’s why I came this time, and that’s why I have existed through the ages—to be here now.”
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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