Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Free Will, Choice is the tool and the way to a higher level of awareness. What we do in present time, is the key to what we get back.The real power returns to us when we create it with conscious choice, in what and how we think. The more consciously we use the power of intention, the more focused we choose to be on raising our frequency, the less we confuse and corrupt our though patterns with unproductive, unconscious thoughts, the more available power is released. There is a word of caution necessary to guide our exploration of increased power though, the reason we choose to do this needs to be for the good of mankind, not to enhance our personal value, our material worth. Personal worth, material accumulations are 3 D energies and I am talking about how we can work through 3 D and 4 D to a 5 D vision, how to develop our ability to open our multi-divisional mind that will enable us to function in a 5 D reality. The time to stop thinking 3 D is here, we need to change the way we’ve been thinking and see ourselves and our world through a different way, a different level of perception.

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