Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Are you a Head of your self or the Heart of your self? What is your choice? Free Will is the foundation of creativity and is an expression of intention. With out an expression of intention, choice, free will, energy doesn’t move. This means that we intend to create everything consciously or otherwise unconsciously, however at some level it’s an exercise of intention, things don’t just happen. they are created. Most created reality is habitual, unconscious, generally a product of our subconscious belief system, that we developed before we were 7 years old, therefore childhood emotional reactions, that are not conscious expressions of choice, at all. Our lives and our world are seldom a product of conscious choice. As we choose to be more consciously aware of the choices we choose to make, our lives will change accordingly. Heartfelt awareness, before using our Mind to choose the way we think, speak, feel and act, is the major practice necessary to increase conscious awareness and take charge of our life. Until then we are victims to our own care-less use of The Law of Cause and Effect, Free Will. ‘Thy Will Be Done’ is what we are doing, How are you doing?

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