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What if the challenge of life is to figure out how to have a good time living (and it is) If and when we decide to do what we came here to do, find the value of existence and everything in it, life takes on a different meaning. Oh! that is the purpose of the existence of that, changes everything into something interesting, instead of feeling that something is a burden to deal with. Curiosity breeds interest and looking for the value of what we may be dealing with, makes The Game of Life an interesting challenge. When we focus our intention on finding value, starting with what/who we see in the mirror and knowing that it’s there, it’s up to us to look until we can see, it is a wonderful and extremely value-able practice. It’s also the most important exercise we can do. Until we recognize our essential value, we will struggle with the ‘Find the value Game’ Once we do find our true value, finding the value of everyone and everything. can become a fun Spiritual Challenge.
Here is a Kryon comment to consider.
The Spark of Truth
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Bridge of Swords”
September 2012 in Toronto, CAN
I want you to remember that when you came into this planet, each one of you was unique. It doesn’t matter how old you are as you sit here, every one of you is an old soul. The old souls are the ones who tend to tune in and listen and read a message such as this, and we have said that before as well. So what we have is a unique group, and I want you to remember the spark of truth when you arrived, all of you. Fresh within the quantumness that locks itself to your memory, ringing in your ears when you arrived as the baby: “This is the lifetime that will make the difference.”
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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