Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Caring for ourselves takes practice, Most of us were told that we should care for others, that’s the Christian thing to do, but that’s not the kind of caring I’m talking about, that’s taking care of others, feeding them, supporting them in some way. This is a good thing to do, if you see they need assistance and you can afford to share some of what you may have with the less fortunate, plus it makes you feel good to do so. I’m talking about sharing feel good thoughts, heart to heart expressions, smiles, happy thoughts, up lifting ideas, amusements, sharing things that made us feel good when we thought about them. The more we choose to look for good feelings, the stronger it makes us and the lighter our inner light glows, this kind of caring is Love in action, the kind of Love, we need more and more of and so does everyone else. This kind of love nourishes our soul and does the same for everyone else, focused caring, is a gift of love, charges everyone’s batteries and attunes us to the wisdom of the soul.

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