Life Coach, MetaPhysician

My body is going through many changes, my digestion ts doing it’s best to avoid being over worked by having no interest in food, I have no appetite, My energy is being focused on inner changes, I have very little external energy my body wants to lay down and rest, I’m sleepy, I have no interest in functioning physically. I see all of this with interest, obviously my body is being influenced strongly and changed for some reason, which I choose to be a necessary event. I don’t think that I;m sick, so I view all of this as benefits, that are preparing my body for existence in a different frequency, so I’m watching it all with interest and curiosity. I have no concern, I don’t think there is anything I need to concern myself about. September is another month of preparation for a major shift in conscious awareness, we are getting closer so we must be prepared. Actually I’m eager and excited by what I perceive as indications of progress. If you are going through some similar body reactions and you are O.K. with it, then ride it out and let the changes continue. I don’t think that I caught something, I believe my body is in preparation for major change. So if any such things are happening in your body, you might feel the same.
Here is a message of on going change from our alien Masters for inspiration.
Living as a Golden Age Citizen ~~ Part 2
Thank you for choosing to be on Earth during humanity’s ascension into the 5th dimension. The increase in Gamma Rays that are presently entering your planet’s environment are greatly assisting you individually and collectively in opening up some of the dormant packets of information that have been stored in your crystalline DNA since before the fall of Atlantis. The release of these Rays is also accelerating the spin within your electrons, which is assisting you in embodying more of the consciousness of your Presence and more of the 5th dimensional qualities that are preparing you for your ascension. You are more available to reap the rewards of these accelerations the more willing you are to release any 3rd dimensional references you may still be using to define yourself. As these old facets are transformed and lifted out of your limited belief systems, the more available you are to ascend with the Earth, and the easier it will be for you to access the gifts you are here to share in co-creating your next Golden Age.
~ The Council of the Elohim

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