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Now is All There IS, Where Are You?

All Space is here, all Time is now, all things are Spirit, all is Divine. This is the foundation of the 5th Dimension. We need to stay in the Now as much as possible. By focusing on the Now, being Consciously Aware of what is being offered to us,recognizing the value of the offering, acting accordingly, will show us what we need to know. Remembering the past (the past is past) being concerned with the concern are 3 D, limiting mind stuff we are to practice no longer identifying with. Now is ll there is and we need to keep becoming back to Now when we realize we are straying. Read Eckhart Tolle’s book (or re read it) “The Power of Now” so you can understand that ‘All time is Now’ from a 5 D awareness. 3 D is gone so let’s be here Now! We are different people with more awareness of our increased power and ability, now we need to practice how to take advantage of this new person that we are and it takes effort from us, the choice is ours. Just do it!

All Time is Now, All Space is Here Its Up To Us

Whether we are aware of it or not, we’ve been changed, from the cells of our bodies to the depth of our minds, we are vibrating at a different frequency. The 3 D influence that we’ve been limited by, is no longer an influence, except by how much of yesterday we are still holding on to. A good example is our childhood belief system. When we created our belief system in the first 7 years of our life, it was with 3 D energy and although we are now in 4 D/5 D energy, under stress our belief system is still functioning with 3 D ideas. So the importance of reprogramming our belief system is even more important than it was before this new energy change.
‘I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM Feeling Good” is the most effective tool we have to let go of 3 D programming, especially our belief system. Change the way you think and you’ll change your life, has always been true, now though it is of utmost importance, we are no longer where we were, in 3 D influence and it’s up to us to re-identify. It can be as simple as we can make it or a long drawn out affair, it’s totally our movie. A sure way to simplify the procedure, is to take a few sessions of Kinesiology, biofeedback from the body and let your body pave the way. How ever you decide to make the necessary changes, just do it.

Rising Into the Truth

Ascension is all about change and our willingness to change. We are the
catalysts for transformation. As we become more powerful change agents, we bring more Light and increase the vibration assisting others to transform.
We all have choices in what we focus on, how we relate to others. We have choices with our thoughts, words and deeds. Why we say we have choices is because each choice has a vibration. We are being asked to choose our thoughts, words and deeds to reflect the highest vibrations possible. The more we put powerful choices into our lives, the more life will reflect back to us that vibrational frequency. This is the mission of all Starseeds.
Remember ~ Limits don’t exist. Boundaries are imaginary. Let Go! Liberate your imaginations! All negativity is 3 D identification, we are no longer limited by yesterday’s thoughts and memories, the past is past. It’s important to Let Go and Let Come. All time is now, all space is here, all things are Spirit, all is Divine.

This Sunday Is The Night For Us To Be Positive Lunitics

Tonight is the Eclipse of the Full Moon, something we won’t see again until 2033, we are still being blessed with Wave X and the energy of the Equinox, I’m getting interesting statements from people about the reactions they are experiencing and whether you are aware of body and emotional reactions or not, they are happening. The next boost we will get to help us to let go of 3 D limitations will be October which is numerically a 9, the power of 9 is an increase of Spirituality and an end of the old to make way for the new, like the end of 3 D influence and the identification with our 4 D / 5 D potential. With 3 D energy no longer in force, that means 3 D karmic attachments are gone as well, all we need to do to release the 3 D Karmic influence, is to use our 4 D / 5 D attunment mantra, I Don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good ! again and again until we’ve made the necessary detachment from 3 D and are consciously and responsibly into 4 D / 5 D reality.

We Are On Our Way

The awakening continues, 3 more days of Wave X and the accompanying energies that are here to upgrade our conscious awareness,change and more to come energy changes,the our cells ability to be able to handle these energy changes.are being prepared so they can deal with it. So far my reaction to this energy barrage has been a tingling through my body and up and down emotional thoughts. All quite interesting, I’m working on moving into 4 D from 3 D it has a different feeling, more peaceful. I am fortunate because I was already a pretty 4 D person. With the use of
‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good. I AM, I CAN and I WILL’
The change can and will be smooth and easier than you felt it would be.

All Space is Here, All Time is Now

This is an historical energy experience that we are being exposed to that started Wednesday the 23rd and will continue until the 28th. A combination of The Equinox, A Full Moon, A Lunar Eclipse, that won’t happen again until 2033 and an energy known as Wave X This is to Inspire an increase in our Conscious Awareness so we can change our perception about about how we choose tp think. For 36,000 years we have been controlled by 3 D thinking, dual, right and wrong, good and bad, judgments, comparisons, doubts and fears, accepted limitations, shame and blame,negative and positive. We are no longer a victim to 3 D energy it is gone. All that is left of it is our habitual use of our 3 D reactions and we need to stop identifying and reacting with it. Our focus needs to be 4 D / 5 D focused. 4 D is increased creativity and Self Love,5 D is total love and oneness with our higher self. Space and time are changed to: all space is here, all time is now, all things are spirit, all is Divine. This transformation of using our energy to go from OH NO! to OH YES! is going to take being more alert and more response-able, but that’s what’s happening, we are free of 3 D victimhood. It’s always been up to us, now it’s that reality is at a higher level. Your body and your emotions may be effected during this energy hit we are getting so just be aware and stay centered.Welcome to our new world.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Transforming the way we think from 3 D to 4 D takes an increased Conscious awareness, we need to be alert to our habitual use of 3 D and stop it until we convince our cellular memories, our self that we mean it. Being creatures of habit this may take some time and determination. It will help a lot by increasing our self love, doubt our doubts and be more caring. We’ve been limited by 3 D thinking for 36,000 years and it’s over, we are no longer a victim to any limitations, it’s time to practice 4 D thinking, self love, unlimited creativity,until it becomes our conscious reality. our truth and then we can progress into the 5th Dimension where unlimited ascension begins. We are on our way, first step, consciously stop your 3 D doubting, fearing, limiting thinking thinking.

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