Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The most difficult thing for us to accept and act accordingly, is the idea that we came here with unlimited power to enable us to transform our doubts and fears, into conscious awareness, of the value of ourselves and all of our experiences. Therefore we have been using a lot of our experiences to prove to ourselves that aren’t as good as we should be, we have been approaching new experiences with doubts and fears that we won’t do as good a job as we would like to, so we don’t, energy follows intention. Those of us who have been trusting in ourselves, who trust in our ability to succeed, usually do, except for the times when,we for some reason, had doubts and fears. Existence doesn’t make any of us, who can’t find our true value and the value of the life we have chosen to live, we just need to change our focus from doubts and fears to trust and faith.When we choose to believe in our self our power is available and works for us, when we have doubts and fears our power is in proving we aren’t good enough. Where is your focus? For you or against you?

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