Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I want to focus on caring and kindness, we are essentially care-less, every time we indulge in negative thoughts, about anything, anybody and especially about ourselves. we are being unkind and uncaring. It may seem insignificant to us because we do it so often, we are habitually unkind and uncaring, unaware of the energy that we are expressing and the influence that what we do carries. Being critical and judgmental, even picky has a strong emotional influence on everyone, We may think that we are attempting to influence them or even ourselves to do or be better, but it has the opposite effect, it’s not an expression of kindness, or caring. It’s an unconscious and unkind expression, plus it’s degrading, to ourselves for saying it and to those who hear it, when we accept that everyone is doing the best they can do at all times, a compassionate smile is a support. Especially when we smile at our own stupidity, we are practicing kindness and caring and being Loving to our self. A peaceful world is the result of caring and kindness to ourselves and all.

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