Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The Answer To My Prayers

Talk about Silly and Stupid, we spend so much time and energy worrying about things that only we can change, doubts, fears, looking for, perhaps only in our head, the answers to our questions and seeking like minded people, those who can make our life more interesting. There is one person who can do all of that for us and more. This person can solve all of our problems, eliminate all of our doubts and fears, give us comfort any time we may feel we need it, protect us and support us as we venture into the unknown. A person who never judges us, who loves us no matter what we may do or not do. This person is always available at our become d call, never says no and asks nothing from us except trust, faith and unquestioned love.who is this wonderful person and where can we find this person? The answer is, in the mirror any time you care to look. We are our own salvation this is an inner truth that we deny and ignore, talk about Silly and Stupid. Don’t forget to join everybody in the Self Love Meditation at 7 pm. See ‘ya

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