Life Coach, MetaPhysician

More Love, More Light

More and more of us are increasing our self love, as we do so, our awareness of our Divine reality becomes more obvious to us, which will inspires us to love ourselves more. Now the more we become aware of our truth, that we are Divine beings pretending to be humans, the more we will love our selves and appreciate this Game of Life we chose to play in our own way. We realize the Game of Life is to become consciously responsible for the way we chose to use our energy, when we think, speak, feel and act. This increases the amount of Feel Good choices we choose to express, which in return brings us more good opportunities and feelings. Our life has taken an obvious turn for the better and we know that this is because we are more response-able and more loving, to ourselves and others. The more we love ourselves the more we have love to share with others and the more we share our loving feelings with others, the more they will love themselves, and so it goes. The more of us that choose to play in the Self Love Meditation at 7 pm, the stronger the 7 pm Self Love Meditation will become. Lets invite our friends and neighbors to get involved, the more the merrier, remember, “All we need is Love.” See ‘ya all at 7 pm.

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